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Art of Teamwork


As we enter a new decade of work, our customers are asking us how to think about the relationship between technology and culture change, and what they need to know about fostering healthy team dynamics inside their organizations.


To help customers achieve more in teams, Microsoft teamed up with IDEO, a global design company known for its human-centered, interdisciplinary approach. Together, they researched diverse workplace teams - including astronauts, chefs, television producers, and nurses -  to understand what high-performing collaborators have in common. Then, they used what they learned to create The Art of Teamwork guide and toolkit, a new digital curriculum with downloadable assets to help teams develop their own teamwork skills. Because even the most transformative tech cannot teach teams to continue to hone their skills around how to work together.


The Art of Teamwork
Microsoft found that the best performing teams have a specific set of dynamics in common, which collectively form the Art of Teamwork framework.

These dynamics include:

  1. Shared purpose – Keeps teams focused, fulfilled, and aligned on achieving their objectives.

  2. Collective identity – Creates a sense of belonging and helps team members work together as a unit.

  3. Self-awareness and inclusion – Enable teams to navigate interpersonal dynamics and value everyone’s perspective.

  4. Trust and vulnerability – Enable interpersonal risk-taking in teams.

  5. Constructive tension – Serves as a generative force for new ideas, driving better outcomes.


Visit the Art of Teamwork site for the framework, toolkit,  and a new digital curriculum with downloadable assets to help your teams develop their own teaming skills - aka.ms/artofteamwork.


Let’s work together to help you harness the power of Microsoft Teams and the Art of Teamwork!

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