Your pre-configured farm management solution

Agriculture Investments (AGI) for D365 is a pre-configured financial back end solution that takes care of all financial aspects for agricultural investment type customers involved in the purchase of farm land for cultivating and sales. With this solution, you will leverage the pre-configured setups that we have gathered as industry standard that help you with a rapid deployment implementation saving you time and money as opposed to a traditional approach.

D365 for

Agriculture Investments



Big advantages, low costs 

Track land preparation activities


If your land preparation procedures has many activities, you can track how much actual costs have been added against these projects. After harvesting, you can then report your revenues

  • a clear-cut understanding of actual cost, budgeted and actual revenue all from one place

  • Track all relevant time sheets against your farming project with ease

  • Create purchase orders, sales orders or requisitions against any project

Financial Integration


With every project, they are linked to financial back bone of the D365 system. Projects allow you to track different types of asset types such as when construction is going on, project such as these can be completed moved into fixed assets.

  • Define project budgets and ledger budgets

  • Project activities can be converted into assets

Rapid pre-configured solution


Rapidly deployed and pre-configured for you. AGI for D365 is configured for Agricultural Investment firms with a 90% standard set of data, saving you time and money.

  • Save time and money on preconfigured set of data that are applicable to your industry.

  • General ledger,

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Accounts Payables

  • Bank

  • Fixed Assets

  • Expense Management

  • Workflows

  • Inventory

  • Projects

Simplicity of projects 

With projects made with the Project Management module, you can create unlimited land preparation activities and tasks for irrigation, land cleaning, site preparation, survey and visits, with each task having the ability to be created as a project. All tasks can be done with your own labor or contractors, workers, hours billing and invoicing and time sheets management in that project’s time. These activities will be tracked for you in D365 and linked with the financial backbone of D365, tracking your operation related activities. You can even define you budget and compare them. No other system is as robust and flexible as Dynamics 365 combined with AGI.

Project Hierarchy flexibility you want

Track budgets and costs while building farms using project for land preparation, cultivation and harvesting with multiple phases in between. You can freely create projects against a farm. These projects can have multiple children which can be site surveys, legal verifications, etc. which gives you the flexibility you will need.

For example, when land is purchased you can create project Purchase Order. When it’s time for land preparation, you can create excavations, irrigations, cleanings as separate projects due to the large complex tasks. These tasks can be created and linked to Employees and Contractors within Dynamics 365. All billing will be tracked and managed in AX.

Projects linked to Fixed Assets


When land is prepared, you can move the land into assets. Projects are easily converted into assets automatically since they are linked to your projects including all detailed aspects of your project. You can easily check all the details of the fixed asset to verify its creation.

Projects linked to Sales


Once harvesting is completed, you can sell the crops directly using the project module to your customers. Generate your revenue against your top-level project (farm). Get easily summarized reporting of how much cost for land development, cultivation and revenue received after selling crops. Compared cost vs revenue vs budget.

Projects linked to Purchasing


Give your agents and customers the answers they need on the spot. The knowledge base provides consistent answers across channels. Periodic reviews keep responses current and relevant. And you can get in-depth analytics to measure the impact of the responses.

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