With the transition to the cloud, there is a notable rise in security incidents involving cloud platforms and services. At Axtegrity Consulting, we want to do more than provide you with O365 licenses.  We want to become your trusted partner to help you maximize your investment in digital transformation.  It's not just about the products, but rather the outcome of the product that you've deployed.

For an additional $3.00/mo/user, you'll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that we're proactively looking out for your investment.

Our Managed Services includes the following four services:

Security & Vulnerability Monitoring**


Value Add: Contribute to our client's ease of mind when it comes to the overall security of their data and environment.

  • Analyze Microsoft Security Score & work with you to bolster your O365 security posture.

  • Conduct passive scanning of your machines and offer assessments on over-all vulnerability to cyber-threats.

  • Protect your data integrity against nefarious actors and would-be cyber criminals

  • Tiered active testing - LEARN MORE

Identity & Access Management (IDAM)*


Value Add: Take the guess work out of who is accessing what on your tenants and web applications.

  • Control which users have access to what Office 365 applications and sites.

  • Manage access to work related material on and off the company network.

  • Streamline access to web applications by signing in from one location and gaining access to all your online services.

Web Filtering*


Value Add: Block non-work related websites by category (i.e. Social Media, Entertainment, etc.).

  • Control web browsing on your corporate network

  • Prevent malicious software from being inadvertently downloaded

  • Block inappropriate content

  • Restrict access to any web category

Managed Support


Value Add: Offer you the assurance of a back-up team should you require support outside of the scope of your current IT department.

  • Level 2 support for troubleshooting issues related to O365 as well as managed installations

  • Priority IT support with an SLA of 1hr for managed services clients

  • Direct contact with engineers once support ticket has been submitted and accepted

*May require the purchase of additional licensing

**Requires remote or onsite access

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