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Dynamics 365 for

Supply Chain Management

Work Smarter with Connected Supply Chain 

Gain big picture visibility across disparate distribution systems of the supply chain, allowing you to make smarter decisions, choose the right partners, accurately predict and respond to market and demand changes, and reduce supply chain disruptions.


Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations using predictive technologies, IoT, and mixed reality to improve throughput, quality, and delivery while decreasing costs.

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What can it do for you?

  • Provide the insight to generate positive cash flow by eliminating wasteful spend and overhead costs while optimizing resources to stay profitable, retain market share, and remain competitive.

  • Empower employees with unified views of inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, service, and logistics to better predict both upstream and downstream impacts of supply chain disruptions.

  • Provide consistent product delivery using real-time supply and production planning to ensure the right inventory, people, and equipment are at the right place and at the right time.

  • Build a reliable supplier network with a fast, sophisticated qualification process to overcome disruptions and ensure business continuity



Improve customer service and relationships using a single integrated solution to manage discrete, lean, project, process, and mixed-mode operations.


Accelerate responses to quality issues, changing customer specifications, and obsolete parts to ensure compliance and mitigate delays.


Master Planning

Identify and balance material needs and projected capacity to meet manufacturing goals.


Assess raw materials and available capacities required to complete manufacturing and production, including, for example, what must be manufactured, purchased, transferred, or set aside as safety stock before completing production.


Demand Forcasting

Generate sales forecasts using AI-infused rule sets, allowing you to respond to changing external conditions, adjusting production, resource allocation and pricing as needed.


Calculate forecasts based on sales order or invoice demand, and optionally production and projects demand. Compare forecasts against history and manually adjust figures easily using graphical representations.


Advanced Warehousing

Support warehouses at an optimal level, better controlling put-away, quality oversight, and picking operations.


Rapidly respond to changing business needs by automating warehouse processes using a flexible workflow engine that is fully integrated with transportation, manufacturing, purchasing, transfer sales and returns functions.

...and MUCH more!

Inventory Optimization

Get accurate insight into your inventory to reduce waste, avoid stockouts, and meet fluctuating demand. Near real-time Inventory optimization offers complete visibility via up-to-date metrics organized by region, product, site, and type so you can track inventory to replenish stock based on what’s on-hand and in-transit to distribution centers or warehouses.

Asset Management

View and track assets throughout the life cycle, allowing you to schedule proactive maintenance and maximize asset performance and longevity. Make fast and accurate decisions on capital investments and effort required to redeploy underutilized assets or build greater short-term flexibility in current assets in the short term.


Provide the right customer experience at the right price using global transportation planning and freight reconciliation. Gain visibility and control with a user-configurable rating structure, and model distribution routes to identify inefficiencies and optimize for significant improvements in cost, service, and risk. Simulation capabilities allow you to test potential transportation scenarios prior to implementing changes.

If you are INTERESTED in a core implementation of D365 for Supply Chain Management, check out our offering:

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