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Power BI Quick Report is now available in Power Apps

If you have been working with Power Apps for a while, you have been able to create Power BI reports and embed them into Power Apps. In the 2022 Wave 2 release, Microsoft enhanced the visualization by bringing Power BI Quick Report into Power Apps. Within any view in Power Apps,

Microsoft provides a button on the toolbar called “Visualize this view” with a Power BI icon. When you click that button, you will get a Power BI report. This Power BI report that uses artificial intelligence to determine what you might want to analyze and will automatically generate visuals for you.

You can start analyzing the data and customize the Power BI report without needing to initially build a Power BI report yourself. Try this in Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service – any of the model driven Power Apps. Just look for the new menu option as shown below.

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