Security & Vulnerability Monitoring

In the modern world we live in, everything from our appliances to our watches are connected to the internet. While the internet-of-things (IoT) can offer many conveniences, it can also unwittingly leave us open to an emerging type of crime, cyber-crime. 


A vulnerability assessment is the act of probing a target for the purpose of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system. Axtegrity will specifically test our client's network for unpatched security loopholes that could leave their system open to a cyber-attack. 


The following services are provided to our managed services subscribers at a discounted rate:

Active Testing

This process involves attempting to penetrate a targeted system. This can be done in three different scenarios: 


White Box Testing

This test would simulate a system administrator with nefarious intentions trying to subvert or sabotage a company. We would be given, by the client, admin rights to the server and attempt to exploit the database and inject (simulated) malicious code to demonstrate the level of risk our clients could be facing should a former IT admin be fired, and their rights not immediately revoked.

Grey Box Testing

This would simulate the most common attack method; internal. We would be given certain information from our clients as though we worked inside the company or were a guest on their network. Once inside, we will prob the network for access points in an attempt to breach other nodes on the network. 


Black Box Testing

This would simulate an outside attack; we would be given very little information form the client and attempt to infiltrate their systems through the use of various penetration methods.  


Axtegrity will perform training to our client’s team to educate them on growing cyber-security trends and how to identify potentially harmful emails and social engineering attacks.  

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